Sunday, May 23, 2010

To. Too. Two.

I chose this photo for a reason. Brace yourselves, I'm about to be terribly introspective.

It was two years ago today when we moved to Wewa. The date was originally supposed to be May 22nd, but a few events changed that. One was the process of packing the moving van and realizing, after half a day of packing, that we had too much stuff and too little time to roll out the next day. So, we made it easier on ourselves and took another day. It did take another entire day to finish the packing and I can remember we were still packing well after dark by the porch lights.

The second event occurred the night before our supposed move date. Out to dinner with my family for the "last" time, we ended up having to take my dad to the ER straight from the restaurant due to his sugar dropping. Spending your last night in town in the ER is not ideal, I'm sure you can imagine.

The trip to Wewa itself, longer than usual with a stuffed UHaul, van, and car and two drained in every way drivers, was an adventure. I can remember the trip and our arrival so plainly.

Along with celebrating our anniversary this month, May has become one big month of remembering. One might think to ask, with some of the happenings that took place before our departure for Wewa, were we still sure this is what we were supposed to do? Sometimes I ask myself the same question. Tag onto that all that has happened in our lives since we have moved here. Some, events that individually you don't want to think about, let alone a few happening all at once and, icing on the cake, dealing with these things apart from our families. So much happening here, so much happening at home, and none of us, seemingly, where we needed to be.

Ultimately, as hard as it is sometimes to grasp, I know this is where God has had us. I may not always understand why, I may never understand the timing. Introspection alert! Just as the photo above is blurry, my understanding in how God moves can also be blurry, and learning to rest in that is a lesson I think I will always be learning.

I am grateful for the things I have learned in the last two years and I am thankful for the people God has placed in our lives. Every day is not an easy day but every day is not a hard day, either.

I don't expect that this will be a "sleeper" year for the Chaneys. The last two years have taught me to be wiser than that. But, if I can rest in knowing that God is in control, while it may not be an uneventful year, our peace can come with knowing that God is ordering our steps.

Hold me to it!

P.S. The picture was taken as we hit the last leg of our trip to Wewa on May 23, 2008.

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Lee Ann said...

Totally reminds me of 1 Corinthians 13, "...though we see through a mirror dimly lit..."

I, for one, am sure glad you did pack up and head this way! Your friendship is such a blessing!

Mom said Ivory had a BLAST the other day and they were really grateful for how welcoming you were to her. Thanks so much!