Saturday, May 29, 2010

A little of this, a little of that

It's been one of those weeks. One of those weeks when someone has replaced my sweet girl with one who has the same beautiful blue eyes and sweet curls but is less happy and more whiny. One of those weeks where I finally came to the end of my creativity for coming up with things to do, things to tire Addie out and into good naps. One of those weeks when I needed more than one "mommy alone" outing. One of those weeks when at times I wasn't as patient as I should have been, but one of those weeks when we still made it through.

Since it has been one of those weeks, I'm writing one of those posts. One of those posts that covers much miscellany but a post just the same.

Over the last couple of weeks we've been all over the place. Some of that includes a trip for Addie to receive more immunizations - five, to be exact. I really contemplated breaking the shots up into more than one trip. Five seemed to be so many for her little thighs all at once, but she soldiered on and took all of them like a champ. She even got a new book out of it, which seemed to make her forget about the pain that took place just a few minutes prior to the book being in her hand (although I'm sure those sharp needles really weren't far from her mind). Needless to say, there are no pictures of this event.

Last weekend Addie attended her first high school football game. It was actually a jamboree, where some of the schools in the area play one another; the "game" is made up of three halves. I wasn't sure we'd stay the whole time but we did, which allowed us to witness Wewa beating their rival, Port St. Joe. While it wasn't a "real" game, it was still headline news. Usually it is the other way around. Either way, Addie enjoyed herself while the bugs enjoyed her.

Earlier that day we stopped by the talent show at the middle school. A few of our kids from church were participating so we thought it would be fun to check it out. I was pretty excited as I have been to middle school talent shows before and they never disappoint. I promise I did have photos of Addie in the crowd with our neighbor, the infamous Mrs. Miller (who is a teacher at the middle school) but they have mysteriously disappeared.

Shoes. It's all about shoes in our house these days. I'm convinced that at this rate Addie will be another Imelda Marcos. I must say, it is pretty endearing when she tries on our shoes or brings them to us, wherever we are in the house, chanting, "Shoes, shoes." Not so endearing is often finding my closet in chaos, but that's okay.

Earlier last week we also had the treat of having dinner with my friend Dave and his girlfriend, Barb. They were in the area from Illinois for a weekend wedding and then stayed a couple of extra days. I was really happy when they let us know they were in town and had every intention of snapping a picture of Addie with the two of them, but that was before we had to end our evening together in a mad dash to our cars between raindrops. Instead, I have this picture of Addie while we waited for them. Just before she was about to stand up in the chair, of course. We're working on that.

Addie also enjoyed having her friend Ivory over while her mom and dad were still in the hospital with her new baby brother, Micah. A few goldfish, a little Elmo and lots of toys proved to be a good time. As always, our storage ottomans were too tempting to stay out of.

Last night we had an unofficial meat pulling party. Yes, meat pulling. We're selling to-go meals on Sunday to raise money for youth camp and we were working ahead last night by pulling meat off butts. Boston butts, that is. I was dreading it and although it smelled heavenly, it was pretty disgusting. We put out a plea for help and about an hour later we had a dedicated team of meat pullers show up. Addie even sat on Sabian's lap for a while as he pulled away but after a bit even she was over it. We sure know how to throw a party in Wewa!

This morning we had a special guest at breakfast.

We know how to do it, eh?

I think our "one of those weeks" is mostly due to Addie's incoming teeth. Still. I feel like I've mentioned her teeth in almost every last post but it's been the story of our lives for about the last month. Our nights have actually been pretty good with the exception of Addie's 5 a.m. wake up call the last two days. She seriously had four teeth for the longest time and when she turned one it was like her gums started yelling at her budding teeth to wake up. Well, they did, and in full force.

I'm hoping that is what explains the surge in whining we've been experiencing as well as the short bursts of contentment followed by longer stretches of "entertain me!" I'm not knocking the chances to cuddle with Addie, but you moms know, someone who is usually pretty amiable suddenly demanding your attention can be tiring.

I'm also hoping it's these budding teeth that are causing an increase in Addie's body temp. She has no fever, or sometimes a very slight fever, but she radiates heat. It's been pretty perplexing.

So, it's been one of those weeks when every night I say, "Tomorrow is another day," yet when I wake up the days are very closely related.

Yet, in the midst of it, I am thankful for the smiles and hugs and giggles that peek through the tears and tantrums.

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