Thursday, August 8, 2013

She's one

My Olive is a year old.

This photo of her makes me laugh. She's all eyes and funny faces.

A year. Wow.

Olive's first year hasn't quite been a "normal" first year of life, but it's been a good year. As is customary, here is my one year Ode to Olive.

Sweet Olive Mae Chaney, we've carted you around in this first year of your life. Moving from Florida when you were two months old (a week after you had a little surgery!), moving again into our apartment when you were four months old, and just trying to figure out the rest ever since.

You have such a sweet disposition. You smile at everyone, although if you're in Mommy or Daddy's arms, you're content to stay right where you are. For now, you're still mostly a Mommy's girl, although upon seeing Daddy at the end of his work day, you are keen to spend some time with him.

You're little, but you're strong. Everyone comments on how little you are, but you're a tough tiny girl. Climbing before you could walk, and now that you can walk, climbing on anything on which you can hoist those little legs. It's not unusual for me to walk into a room and find you up on a coffee table, or an ottoman, a chair, or the train table your sister got for Christmas last year. Once you've shown me how proud you are of your feat, you're usually needing a little help down from your perch.

Sleep isn't necessarily your thing. It's been a bit of a jolt to recognize how different your sleep habits are from your sister's. You are early to bed, early to rise, and a few wake ups in between. I'm praying that as you get older, more sleep will descend upon our household. Your mama needs it!

Your eyes. Oh those blue eyes. 

You shriek, you chirp, you say "mmmm, mmmm," a lot, especially when you're eating ice cream (which you LOVE). Your babbling continues to increase and become more and more conversational. I can't wait to hear your little voice.

Watching you develop is so much fun. I'm a little sad that you're not such a baby anymore, but you're such a fun one year old and I love watching you grow. You have truly, truly been a bright spot and a joy to our family during this nutty year and I'm so thankful you are part of our family. Prayerfully, we can offer you some more normalcy soon!

I love you, sweet Olive Mae. Happy one year.