Friday, October 12, 2012


Well, geez, where do I begin? I guess I could start here:

Or here:
Little IV bandage

Or even here:
Can you spy a UHAUL and a sleeping baby?

I may have written before that it is said that there are two certain things in life - death and taxes. I always want to add one more thing to that little list - change. Change is for certain.

When it come to change for the Chaneys we tend to tackle more than one big life event at once. We can't just do one thing - marriage, birth, death, etc. They always come in multiples for us.

When Sabian and I got married, while we were on our honeymoon we found out as we were driving home that my dad had been in a very bad car accident a few days before. His sugar dropped, he passed out and swerved off the road, hitting a parked tractor trailer in a field. We drove straight to my parents' once we got into town and he was just arriving home from the hospital.

The night before we moved to Wewa we were out to dinner with my family and again, Dad's sugar bottomed out and we ended up in the ER.

A month after we moved to Wewa I was pregnant with Addie. Three days before she was born, my dad passed away.

When I got pregnant with Olive and made it through my pregnancy with nary another big event in sight, there was part of me that just waited. Waited to see what might happen, thinking that maybe we'd make it with just one big event this time. And then it hit.

We found out, when Olive was three weeks old, we would be leaving Wewa. A week before we actually moved she had (minor) surgery.

And now, here we are, on the other side of these big events, waiting for the next thing to happen.

Waiting is not easy for me. Either is change. Yet, here we find ourselves in the midst of both. And not just a little of both...a LOT of both. 

I'll first clarify that Olive's surgery was minor. She was born with a little skin tag by her right ear and we were having it removed. During our consultation with the surgeon we were told she'd have to be put under for the procedure, which we originally thought could be done while she was awake. That news was not happy news for my mommy heart. But, she came through just fine and is doing well. One more stitch to fall out and you'd never know anything was there.

As for our current residence, we are back "home" in Belleville. For how long, we're not for sure, but while we are here we are we are looking for our next move. Sabian is looking for a full-time ministry position and I am looking for...routine! Consistency! Settling down for the sake of our sweet girls.

God moved us on from Wewa, which was not a surprise to us - we knew this time was coming. We didn't know what those circumstances would be, and here we are on the other side of it, waiting and praying. I wish I could say I've been super graceful while dealing with all of this change, but there are days when I cave to temptation and throw myself a pity party. I don't like these parties - I'm the only one invited (although I often drag in some of those around me, so watch out!) and there's no cake.

However, God is preparing us. He's teaching us. He loves us. I try to remember these things and not let these truths get clouded by my desire for a house of our own, a job for Sabian, a steady routine for our girls.

As my current alone time is winding down, I need to end this post, pack up, grab our pizza and head back to my patient husband and two girls.

Pray for us! I look forward to being able to post about this process - the good, the bad, the ugly, the exciting and all of the parts where I'm totally and completely humbled by God's provision.

I am thankful for this time. As hard as it is, I know it is for something.