Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Berries & a birthday (and 26 weeks!)

A couple of weeks ago we were finally able to cross off one of our tasks on our Florida to do list - picking our own fruit. I've written before about missing Eckert's, a pick-your-own orchard I grew up going to as a kid. This excursion took us to a strawberry field in Panama City. We'd tried a couple of weeks before to head out there but the weather wasn't cooperating, so when we had a sunny Saturday, we jumped on it.

Starting out, Addie liked picking but then got bored and was content playing in the dirt while Sabian and I finished filling our basket. Then it was all about visiting the animals, including the "cock-a-doodle-doos" as Addie called them.

This past weekend it was time to celebrate Sabian. His birthday was actually last Wednesday, but as I've mentioned before, as a pastor, if a birthday or anniversary lands on a Sunday or a Wednesday, it's pretty much a given that our celebrations take place either before or after the actual day.

Since his birthday was a on a night when we have youth service, Addie and I made a cake to take with us to church so that we could celebrate with all of the kids. I planned our family celebration for the following Friday.

Because the weather in our neck of the woods has been crazy amazing lately, it would have been a shame to waste it, so Friday afternoon we headed to the beach. Addie and Sabian courageously braved the water (which is still a little chilly) while my belly and I stuck safely to the blanket. Later on, Addie and I took Sabian out for dinner and then we took a stroll on down to some of the rides that were near the restaurant where we ate. Sometimes I'm not sure who has more fun on these rides...

26 weeks!

Brave souls.

Whizzing by!
Peeking over the edge.
Tack on to the weekend a fun Saturday morning play date, a wedding that afternoon and church on Sunday and helping with a bridal shower that afternoon, and it was a busy weekend. 

For now, Sabian and Addie are outside enjoying the amazing weather we've been having here in the Panhandle. Our windows have been open the last couple of days and for the most part I've kept our ceiling fans off as it has gotten too chilly in the house. Ahh, it has been wonderful. Now, if only it could stay this way until July, the 27th to be exact.

Since it likely won't stay this beautiful, I'm on my way out to join them.

I am thankful for a fun weekend, awesome weather and the opportunity to celebrate my husband's birthday, a truly special day.

24 weeks & more

Here I am, 24 weeks.

As I write this, I am actually now 26 weeks. I do have a 26 week photo - I'll share that a little later.

Today I am recovering from yesterday. Yesterday I was recovering from the weekend. Yesterday flashed me back to my first trimester, which is not necessarily a good thing. Along with being exhausted and generally not feeling well, add some back pain into the mix and it really was just one of those days. Today is much better, although I'm not getting much done.

Starting out, I thought this pregnancy was easier than when I was pregnant with Addie. While I didn't feel well for several weeks, I wasn't nearly as sick as I was when Addie was in my belly. I was looking forward to when I would feel more energetic, more like myself. I'm still waiting for that. Exhaustion seems to be the name of the game these days and now the back pain is making itself known here and there. I don't think I've been quite as emotional this time around, but I certainly have my days, and on those days I wonder if July 27 actually does exist.

Please don't misread me - I think I've said this before - being pregnant is an overwhelming gift. A blessing that does not escape me, and I am so thankful that I am able to experience this. It may be hard and at times uncomfortable, but I obviously recognize how miraculous this time is and how it will be over so quickly. And, knowing that this may be the last time I am pregnant, there are things about it that I want to savor.

So, you'd think I'd have started that pregnancy journal by now. Sheesh. I haven't. I think about it, but just like blogging and laundry and dishes and other tasks I have on my (wish)list, many times it falls prey to a nap or attention to Addie or simply just not being able to muster the movement it takes to roll off of the couch. I have so many things I need to get down on paper and I just need to do it. Before I know it, the elusive July 27 will be here and then, well then I suppose I really won't have the time!

Productivity may not be high these days, but I am so thankful for my husband. After the busyness that he's involved in throughout his days, he still comes home ready to pick up where I've left off. Or, more appropriately, where I've just left whatever, wherever. Even if he comes home and the kitchen is dark and the stove is cold, he's ready to cook or hang with Addie so that I can cook.

It's hard on me, not being productive, not crossing things off of my list, not being the mommy to Addie that I feel like I should be right now or a more attentive wife to Sabian. In many ways, and not just because of being pregnant, I feel like life is in a bit of a holding pattern right now. I'm reminding myself that I need to be present, I need to be content in the here and now. Even on those days when taking a shower wears me out and I think, "Will I make it 'til lunch?" I have to remind myself of the source from which I gather my strength. And even then I am reminded I need to be spending more time in prayer and Bible study. I may have an excuse to skip a load of laundry here and there, or order a pizza instead of making dinner, but there's really no excuse for shortchanging myself of that quiet time.

Where we are is good, it's just a different place. We're so excited about adding -insert baby name here- to our family and I can't wait to see Addie in her new role as big sister. Yesterday, as we were hanging out in her hippo tent in the living room, she reached over and started to gently pat my belly. No words, just sweet, little pats. As much as I would've liked to have captured it on camera, there are just some things that you enjoy in the moment, and that was one of them.

So, here we are, just trying to enjoy these moments.

I am thankful for these moments - the good, the bad, the sweet, the bumpy.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter & a few other things

We find ourselves in another season of celebration -  Easter. More than the eggs, candy and pretty clothes, last week and weekend we took some time to reflect on and to be thankful for the incredible gift we have been given. I am thankful for my salvation and for the forgiveness of my sins that I may not deserve but I will humbly accept.

In this, we did have some fun with eggs and candy. We started with an egg hunt at church the weekend before and followed up on Easter with a really great service and an relaxing rest of the day. I actually did some thinking ahead and had our meal just about ready to go before we even made it home from church. Thanks be to the crock pot creator!

On the hunt.

Taking some time out (right away, of course) to sample the treasure.
We fit in some egg coloring:

She became a bit of a pro.

And was pretty proud of herself.

Oh, the anticipation!

Sweeter silliness.
And then came the day. And the pictures. And more silliness.

Photos with Daddy were a little smoother.
And after the photos Addie discovered she could do this:

Now, "hanging like a monkey" is a daily request.

We had another little event we attended over the weekend. Preston, one of Addie's friends from church, had a birthday party. A party with ponies. A party with ponies makes Addie a very happy girl.

She would have stayed on the ponies as long as possible. I think she won the award for most time spent on a pony that day.

She was fine to ride even if no one else was!

Did I mention there were bunnies and chickens, too?

And just for fun, a few photos from Addie's perspective:

I am thankful for a good weekend.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Beachin' it

The last couple of weeks we've made a little more effort to make quick trips to the beach. This usually comes after realizing it's been a while since we've been (and what a shame since we live so close!) or because Addie requests it. Our girl loves those white sands.

Last weekend we actually planned and got out in the morning so we could enjoy some sun, rather than hitting it for our usual quick catch-the-sunset jaunt. 

Get water...

...carry it to hole...

...fill hole...


Repeat, all in a deeper hole that Daddy dug.
While we don't do it every week, it is so nice to have the beach as a play ground. Not to mention, it's free! Enjoying it this time of year is really nice, especially since it will soon be hot, hot, HOT!

I am thankful for these memories we are making.