Tuesday, April 3, 2012

22 weeks and then some

So here we are, almost 24 weeks in. My doctor's appointment today revealed a healthy heartbeat with some kicks in between and normal everything else. Next month, glucose test!

Here is a photo from a couple of weeks ago at 22 weeks:

Little sister (no for sure name yet) is making her presence known these days and Addie is already very sweet to her. She sings her ABCs, kisses her and often introduces herself, "Hi! I Adelaide!"

Addie and Sabian are currently involved in a serious game of hide-and-seek. I think I may join them, although I'm not sure there are many places these days where I can hide. Maybe I can be the counter.

I am thankful for a good doctor's visit today and that we were able to sell our van! (More on that to come.)

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