Thursday, April 5, 2012

Beachin' it

The last couple of weeks we've made a little more effort to make quick trips to the beach. This usually comes after realizing it's been a while since we've been (and what a shame since we live so close!) or because Addie requests it. Our girl loves those white sands.

Last weekend we actually planned and got out in the morning so we could enjoy some sun, rather than hitting it for our usual quick catch-the-sunset jaunt. 

Get water...

...carry it to hole...

...fill hole...


Repeat, all in a deeper hole that Daddy dug.
While we don't do it every week, it is so nice to have the beach as a play ground. Not to mention, it's free! Enjoying it this time of year is really nice, especially since it will soon be hot, hot, HOT!

I am thankful for these memories we are making.

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dpearce76 said...

Sounds fun to me! She is so cute :-)