Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter & a few other things

We find ourselves in another season of celebration -  Easter. More than the eggs, candy and pretty clothes, last week and weekend we took some time to reflect on and to be thankful for the incredible gift we have been given. I am thankful for my salvation and for the forgiveness of my sins that I may not deserve but I will humbly accept.

In this, we did have some fun with eggs and candy. We started with an egg hunt at church the weekend before and followed up on Easter with a really great service and an relaxing rest of the day. I actually did some thinking ahead and had our meal just about ready to go before we even made it home from church. Thanks be to the crock pot creator!

On the hunt.

Taking some time out (right away, of course) to sample the treasure.
We fit in some egg coloring:

She became a bit of a pro.

And was pretty proud of herself.

Oh, the anticipation!

Sweeter silliness.
And then came the day. And the pictures. And more silliness.

Photos with Daddy were a little smoother.
And after the photos Addie discovered she could do this:

Now, "hanging like a monkey" is a daily request.

We had another little event we attended over the weekend. Preston, one of Addie's friends from church, had a birthday party. A party with ponies. A party with ponies makes Addie a very happy girl.

She would have stayed on the ponies as long as possible. I think she won the award for most time spent on a pony that day.

She was fine to ride even if no one else was!

Did I mention there were bunnies and chickens, too?

And just for fun, a few photos from Addie's perspective:

I am thankful for a good weekend.

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