Thursday, November 15, 2012

Couldn't have said it better

Nothing seems too certain these days, and the life of our little family seems to be changing fairly often. The latest my husband has written about on his blog. I really couldn't have said it better myself.

This is such a time of testing for us. Testing of our trust, our faith...our sanity! It is a hard time, but a good time. I suspect I will look back and see it as a very special time for the four of us.

We are planning to stick around the Belleville area for a bit. I'm not exactly sure how long, but we're making the move toward some consistency...until it changes.

Pray for us as Sabian is interviewing for a job Monday morning and we are waiting on that to give the final word on an apartment that we really want. God is providing and I continue to pray for his provision...and I continue to fight against doubt. This is all new, different, unsure. All I really can do at this point is trust, because nothing seems for certain.

On the flip side of some of these things, we have been spending time together and enjoying it.

Sabe, Olive and some penguins.

I have this same photo of one of my nephews when he was Addie's age.

Olive, sleeping and sans pants, as this Midwest weather proves to be fickle!

Waiting for Addie's Halloween parade to start!
Hmm, how should we carve this?

Finished products!

Trick or treating cousins. Both fairies :)


Midwest fall.

I am so thankful for Sabian, Addie and Olive. I am thankful for the army of friends and family that is praying for us. Truly, when I'm not sure how to pray, what to ask for, I know there are people far wiser than I who are praying for our situation. I am thankful for God's provision, seen and unseen. And I am thankful for His patience with me.

Monday, November 5, 2012


Sure, I know it's November, but October came and went in a blur.

We moved back to Belleville and piled all of our earthly belongings into a storage unit and some in my mom's garage, too.

I had a birthday. I'd almost forgotten about it in the midst of boxes.

Addie caught a stomach bug for the first time...and then gave it to my mom, Sabian and me. The day after Addie got better, the three of us caught it, all within an hour of one another. One of the craziest nights I've ever experienced. We prayed that Olive would escape it and so far, she has.

We've been making our rounds in St. Louis...the zoo, Forest Park, a little shopping. We have more haunts to hit and are looking forward to introducing Addie to more fun places in the city.

Lots of trips to Target. Why? Because we can. Because it no longer takes at least two hours or so for a single trip to the bullseye.

Pumpkin picking. Trick-or-treating. Birthday parties. Time with friends and cousins.

I've been taking part in one of my favorite activities - cleaning things out and throwing/giving things away. Mom needs some help and I'm happy to oblige. A few little treasures found here and there, too.

Addie is in preschool two days a week and loving it so much she cries when we pick her up to take her home. That part isn't so fun, but I love that she loves it so much and I'm so thankful we were able to get her in to a class.

Sabian continues to look for a job. We're still uncertain as to what our future holds. 

Olive continues to grow. Too fast. She's so smiley, and so talkative and today I'm pretty sure she laughed at me. She is such a bright spot during these weird days.

I want to learn all I can during this time but I fear I am failing. I'm not spending time doing the things I need to do. Some days I'm just getting through the day. Some days I feel I've settled in to our routine here and I'm not anxious to uproot again. Other days I'm itching for our own little life again.

Oh, and did I mention today we found a house. Just driving around a little aimlessly, Sabian wanted to go down a street called Olive, for obvious reasons. There was a house, a great one, for sale, and not too shabby, either. But, just a few details out of whack for us - no job and pretty sure this is not where we're going to be. Minor details.

Oops, no photos this post. The place is locking down, my alone time is up.

I am thankful for God's faithfulness. I might (and shouldn't) doubt, but He never fails.