Friday, September 30, 2011

Home Sweet Midwest

Last week we took a quick, last minute trip home. We'd decided not to take a vacation this year but a few weeks ago talked about taking a few days to at least visit home. We thought we'd be making the trip in October, but found out the week before last that we could go last week. So basically, we found out one week, left the next.

It's always good to go home.


We spent some time with both of our families and finally got to take Addie apple picking, which she loved. The day was dreary but we enjoyed it and brought a pumpkin back, too. Now I need to figure out what we'll do with some of these apples - streusel? Pie? Cake?

It always feels like a whirlwind and here we are, back in Wewa, back to life as we know it. We'll have a couple of busy, fun months ahead of us and before we know it we'll be back home for Christmas. Hard to believe it will be so soon!

I am so thankful we were able to make a trip home.

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