Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Weekend recovery

It's Tuesday night and I'm just now maybe feeling recovered from the weekend.

We helped with a friend's wedding at church, which was within a couple of hours of a visitation for Wewa's mayor, who passed away last week. Wedding reception in one room, viewing in the next.

Sunday was Pastor Appreciation Day, which included a lunch after our morning service and was followed not long after by the mayor's funeral.

Lots of setting up, tearing down, setting up, tearing down. 

Thankfully, part of Pastor Appreciation Day was the cancellation of our Sunday evening service. And, and an unofficial day off for Sabian on Monday, probably due to the craziness of the weekend. I was grateful for both.

We appreciate our church and all they do for us. Pastor Appreciation is always humbling. We are grateful for their provision and generosity.

Sunday evening I fully expected we would hang out and relax around the house, but when Sabian got home we headed for the beach.


 Since a pastor's work is never done, Sabian still did some work on his "unofficial" day off on Monday, but we managed to squeeze in lunch out together.
Busy weekend, but a good one. Along with catching our breath we're taking care of normal weekly things this week, made it to the library for a new stack of books, I'm looking forward to dinner with a friend later on this week and also preparing for our yard sale this Saturday. I'm really praying we sell, sell, sell! Included in the sale is our couch and a couple of other larger items I hope we can say goodbye to so that we don't have to pack them up and figure out where to store them until we can try to get rid of them again. At least the weather forecast is showing no rain and 87 degrees (for now!).

I am thankful for the relaxing tail end of our weekend.

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