Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday night football

Should I admit it?

Dare I confess it?

I am not a football fan.

Admitting such a thing in the south might just get me kicked out, but being the daring, live-by-the-seat-of-my-pants person that I am, I'll say it again...I don't like football.

I'm not against all sports, but football just doesn't interest me. To be fair, maybe I should clarify. I do like going to college football games, maybe even professional, but that's because I enjoy the energy and excitement of the crowd. But I guess that's not really liking's tolerating the game for the other fun stuff.

Either way, tonight marks the start of Wewa High School's football season. For me, tonight football means a night at home...alone. Sabian took Addie, who will love being at the game and having the opportunity to run around and see "the people", as she calls them. If I want a taste of the game I can simply step into my backyard. From there I can see the glow of the lights from the stadium, hear the music and play-by-play over the loud speaker(given by our pastor) and hear the band playing at half time. That's enough football for me.

Instead, here at home the dishwasher is running, I'm doing a little organizing and weeding out for our yard sale in a couple of weeks (hooray!) and Amelie is playing in the DVD player.

This brings back memories. As much as I will be so glad to hug my sweaty, sweet girl and kiss my husband when they walk in the door, I really don't mind being alone. I'm just one of those people who needs a moment. When I was working full-time Sabian learned that when I came home from working all day, I just needed a few minutes to myself. Not too long, just enough before we launched into sharing our days and spending the evening with one another. 

Even on trips with friends, missions trips, choir tours in youth - all of these trips growing up, at some point during the week I'd need a little time, just to myself. I love my parents, but when I moved out of my house, I really enjoyed the time on my own. I moved out while Sabian and I were dating and knew that I would marry him, so my time to live on my own wasn't long, but I am glad for the experience.

I love Addie, love that I can be home with her (challenging at times, but grateful for it!), but her nap times are welcome opportunities for me to refresh my brain, get things done, get in a devotion, move at my own pace.

I get it that life changes - kids mean less of your own time, marriage means much time with your spouse. I know the importance of spending time with people, pouring into relationships. It just makes me even more grateful for my Melissa moments. 

The only thing that might make this time a little sweeter would be an ice cream sundae, but I filled my ice cream quota for the day already. On the other end of the spectrum, in just a bit I'll be meeting up with Jillian Michaels for the first time. You'd think I'd want to maintain the peacefulness I am currently enjoying but I feel I must be a little responsible, too.

For now, while French music fills the living room and I get a few things straightened up, I can be thankful for my husband and my daughter and look forward to them being home soon.

Slurping the rest of her ice cream quota at DQ.

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