Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Soup for dinner!

My iGoogle page is telling me it is 80 degrees in Wewa. 80 degrees. Right now, this is heaven for me. It's not yet cool enough to throw my windows wide open, but today I certainly don't miss the wall of humidity that normally smacks me in the face as I walk out of the door.

Addie and I spent some time outside earlier today. Unheard of in recent months. This morning, as soon as I felt the cool breeze, I knew what was for dinner...soup. Easy, cozy and good. 

This change in the weather (at least for today - don't get me wrong, I'm trying not to even believe it will be like this tomorrow) is a nice cap to the long weekend. I already wrote of my night alone at the start of the weekend, which was wonderful, and the rest of the weekend was great, too. Saturday we worked so we could get it out of the way - Sabian closed the pool and we all cleaned up the yard. Sunday we were able to spend some time with our college students who were home for the long weekend and Monday we went out for lunch and perused what was left of the Border's store at Pier Park, which will soon be closing.

 I had a whole blog post milling around in my head and now it is lost.

So, for now...I am thankful for this weather!

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