Friday, September 9, 2011

Picture perfect

I'm sure you all could repeat after me..."We have a busy weekend ahead." If you can't repeat it, consider yourself fortunate to have the opportunity to take the weekend at your own pace. Ours started yesterday and is full speed ahead.

This is why I'm so glad we had this morning, just the three of us, and two glorious hours at the beach. It was the kind of beach day that reminded me of why we started visiting Florida in the fall months. I could have stayed out there all day. The water was calm (even a little chilly) and clear, the sun was warm, the breeze was refreshing and it was...awesome.

We spied a lot of fish and more pelicans than normal hanging around. Usually we see them flying overhead but today there were always at least four riding the waves with us. As soon as we hit the sand we saw dolphins, which is always cool, but later on we saw even more, closer to shore and actually jumping out of the water to eat. I've seen plenty of dolphins in my beach days but I've never seen them actually jump out of the water. It was a good day for us, bad day to be a fish.

With this awesome weather, I think I'd still be out there, even now at almost 11 p.m.

This morning was the calm before the storm. I am thankful for our two peaceful hours at the beach on this beautiful day!

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