Monday, May 3, 2010

A Day in the Life of ABC

This little girl is getting way too big, way too fast.

She can walk. We're going on three weeks with this new mode of mobility and she's walking like an old pro.

She can also text.

Okay, not really, but don't you think that isn't far behind?

She can say "doggie," "hi," "see," "daddy," and when coaxed, "cheese." She doesn't say mommy yet, but we know what she means when she sees a baby and it sounds like "daddy." I think she says "fish" when she wants a few Goldfish crackers.

She babbles constantly and makes a silly, funny "mean" face when she's upset with us, then laughs it off right away. It is hard to keep a straight face when she gives us The Look. Hopefully we can capture it on camera.

Like nursing, she kicked the bottle, cold turkey.

She's all about other little kids.

She looooves dogs.

She loves to be outside. She likes to eat leaves and dirt and she's happiest with a leaf or twig in each hand. She likes flowers and watches the birds as the fly overhead, making sure she points out each one.

Currently Addie is sporting another runny nose and a couple of more teeth. I have a hunch a few more will make their appearance soon as evidenced by some up and down nights and a fussier girl.

Overall Addie is super happy and so much fun. I suspect some of her sleeplessness lately is due to her desire to keep playing and to practice her walking. One thing is for sure - she keeps us running. She is also showing off her superior climbing abilities. The other day I found her standing on the wheels of her overturned shopping cart, hanging on to another riding toy next to her. We have a couple of storage ottomans in our living room and when the lids are off we can be sure to find her in one of them, happy as can be. Also, as pictured above, she'll climb into just about anything that is Addie-sized. She's a mess and so kissable and squeezable.

I am so thankful for my girl. Sure, times like these few days with a runny nose and fussy girl can be hard, but what a drop in the bucket these days are.

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elise said...

she's so sweet and getting so BIG!