Friday, May 21, 2010

A Crack A Lackin' Good Time

This is the only lame picture I have of mine and Sabian's four year anniversary celebration. But, it represents one heck of a celebration!

To some, all-you-can-eat crab legs may not sound terribly romantic but for me, it is music to my ears and sweet sustenance for my tummy. This is serious business.

Sabian and I had planned to keep it simple and just go out to dinner for our anniversary. Knowing that crab is a favorite of mine Sabian suggested we try a restaurant we'd heard about but never visited and offered a view of the beach. Well, a limited view, but it is right across the street and we could see the water from our table, which made for a nice view as we cracked away.

And crack away we did.
I wish I had photos of the carnage that took place at our table inside Two Crabs.

Imagine crab legs, served simply on trays - not plates - in sets of six. First, three for each, then just piled high, steaming crab legs waiting while we cracked through the current batch. Bits of shell flying to and fro as we dug to get to the sweet, white meat hidden in those tough claws. Our pile of broken shells grew higher and higher, the little cups of butter swiped clean.

Our methods are different - Sabian cracks and eats, cracks and eats. I crack until I have a pile that makes all the work worthwhile, douse it with butter and then savor each bite. Usually, at any other crab dinner when I've ordered my pound of crab legs knowing that's all I'm going to get, this method really makes it worth it.

I've always wondered how much crab I would have to eat to feel satisfied. At the aforementioned one pound crab dinner, while always good, I could count on needing a snack later. After last night I felt I wouldn't need to eat for another week. In fact, I woke up this morning still full.

We did order steamed vegetables and new potatoes (which were smothered in seasoning and cheese - soooo good!), but those were the obligatory accompaniments. All in all, between us we devoured 18 sets of crab legs. Eighteen. I don't have any other individuals/couples to compare ourselves to but I feel like we held our own and certainly got our money's worth.

My saving grace in not comparing ourselves to gluttons at a Golden Corral buffet is that this is crab meat. Aside from the butter, this is a fairly light meal, right?! One might argue eighteen sets of crab legs is far from light but c'mon, it was my anniversary! And trust me, next time I will pace myself a little better. Last night I went all out.

This is what Addie was up to while we were up to our elbows in crustaceans:

Looks to me like she did pretty well herself.

I realize this may have been a ridiculously long post given that I just wrote about crab. But really, isn't it sometimes just about the little things?

I am so thankful for our friends, Greg and Libby, who watched Addie for us so we could enjoy a night together. I appreciate them and their constant thoughtfulness and care for us and thought it was especially sweet that they documented their time with her.

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