Saturday, May 15, 2010

Goats, Ducks & Of Course, Leaves

One day last week I took Addie to the park. I've mentioned before that we are blessed with quite a few parks in this area, many under full shade, which is awesome when considering the (already) hot Florida sun.

Arriving home in time for Addie to take a longer than usual nap, this is something we'll 100% do again. I always think about it and then something comes up or the day gets away from me or I talk myself out of it. No more. We're off to the park!

We visited the swings, a must, talked with a duck and fed a couple of goats. Upon seeing the goats Addie yelled, "Doggie!" She was all about charging ahead to see the goats but I wasn't quite sure how they'd react, although in hindsight, I'm sure they are perfectly accustomed to little hands reaching out to grab them. A grandpa and his granddaughter were also there and sweetly showed Addie how to feed the goats.

This girl is getting too big!

I am thankful for good weather to be able to get out and do this. This week we may be stranded inside if the weather guys are close to being right.

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