Thursday, May 13, 2010

Show Me Your Coupons

I love coupons. We don't get the daily paper but I try to make sure to get the Sunday paper just for the coupons and the sale papers. It is a sad Sunday when I realize, too late, that I forgot to buy a paper.

I also clip coupons online at It's a decent site for coupons, but I am looking for more and I am looking to you for help.

If you clip coupons and are willing to share your secrets/sites/tips, I want to hear them.

I have to say, I enjoy seeing the amount we've saved at the bottom of our receipts. Granted, sometimes it isn't that much especially if I'm at the end of my coupon stash, but it's still satisfying.

So, if you can contribute to my coupon addiction, I'd greatly appreciate it.

I am thankful for my brother who designed the coupon pictured in this post. He made it for me when Sabian and I were exchanging coupon books for Christmas. Isn't it awesome?


Katie said...

Beth Habermehl is a HUGE couponer, and she has a blog you may be interested in. :)

ofwhomiamtheworst said...

I use and alot - they aren't for groceries or necessities, but they are fun ways to get to try new restaurants and whatnot for much cheaper. For example, I bought 2 tickets to a Grizzlies game with 2 sodas, 2 chips, 2 hotdogs, 10 "Grizzlies Bucks", and 2 trips to the batting machine all for $20; it's a $52 value.