Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Boys are Back in Town

Last week we welcomed two new residents to Wewa.

Our friends Jason and Salena said hello to their first child, Carson, a week ago this past Monday.

On Thursday of the same week Micah followed. His mom and dad are our friends Lee Ann and Jason, also parents to Addie's buddy, Ivory.

It was sweet to see Addie's reaction to the babies. She loves babies, pictures of babies, babies on TV, but when faced with a real, live, tiny newborn she acted very shy. She was gentle and touched their super soft skin sweetly.

This recent baby boy boom has fueled Sabian's fire but I'm content to share in the joy my friends are experiencing, which includes being able to gently hand over these precious bundles and continue chasing after my girl. Some day we will add to our brood but for now the three of us are doing just swell.

I am thankful for new playmates for Addie and babies to hold! Also, the safe arrival of both boys and the health of their moms.


Creations By Lyndsay said...

Awww! It will be fun to see how cute your next kid is!

Lee Ann said...

*smiles* Looks like Carson has lots of hair, too!