Thursday, May 6, 2010

How Much is That Kitty in the Window?

Since we have moved to Wewa we have been offered more pets than I care to think about. Kittens, seems there are plenty of animals to be had. I don't mind being offered and I don't mind turning them down, although at times it can be hard to turn away from a mound of soft, fluffy fur. My mantra has been, "I'm training a baby, I can't train a dog/cat right now, too!"

My friend Libby and her husband Greg have sweetly been taking care of four abandoned kittens in their garage. This is no small feat as Libby is not a cat person. We stopped by last weekend to take a look at them. A LOOK. I wanted Addie to see them and since my husband IS a cat person I thought he might like to see them, too. I had a hunch it would be really hard to walk away from these four but I took my chances anyway. With all of these snakes around why wouldn't it be a good idea to get something that could chase them away?

Addie pretty much made our decision for us. She was a bit less than thrilled to have four wiggly, meowing (surprisingly, very LOUD), furry, clawed creatures crawling around her little legs. Granted, we would have only taken one home, and when she was around just one she was really sweet with it. But, her reaction sealed the deal for me. I was wavering, and if she'd loved it, I may have been tipped over the edge. I'm not necessarily a cat person and the idea of cat hair all up in my house is not that appealing. But, one day I may cave if we can have an outside cat. Or, if I can have this litterbox. Same goes for a dog. I am much more a dog person than a cat person even though the closest I've gotten to owning one is a rabbit named Shakers who I eventually gave away because I was going on vacation.

The point is, we'll wait on the pet and when the time comes I think it may have to be a dog. Addie lights up when she sees one on TV and in person she is super sweet with them.

I am thankful for the straight hours of sleep we had last night. With all of this teething going on that has been rare lately in our house. God is merciful and allowed us to have some zssss!


Lee Ann said...

As I'm typing this I hear Ivory saying quite loudly from the living room, "CAT, cat, CAT!" apparently there was a cat on her little morning movie. :) Anyways, just wanted to cheer with you for a straight night of sleep!! Yay!!! I'm savoring those while I can...well, straight sleep minus the ridiculous number of bladder emptying sessions...

Melissa said...

Ivory needs a new CAT! Then we could come visit - perfect! And yes, soon you will have some interrupted nights of sleep but they are temporary and those late nights can be so sweet. We have to remember that to get us through!

Creations By Lyndsay said...

Oh my goodness! I definitely thought this story would end with you being a cat owner. People can own's okay to do so...but dogs are more suitable pets in my book. For the most part, every dog LOVES its owner and they can give you an excuse to go for walks. Also, they protect the house. In conclusion, hold out for a dog:)

I would LOVE to be Addie' PreK teacher!!! hehe!