Monday, August 1, 2011


I was thinking, probably like most of you, how crazy it is that it is August already. As I was thinking about it I went back to last year's August posts and read this one I wrote early in the month.

Seems that this time last year I was thinking some of the same things. It was still hot and it was still crazy that it was already August.

I also wrote about how Addie's vocabulary was growing, which it still is, in leaps and bounds. Almost every day she'll string new words together to form a new sentence that I didn't know she knew. Sabian and I exchange that, "Did she just say what I think she said?" look and marvel at how she is growing so quickly.

What's different about that post from last year and this one is that last year she was still refusing to say "Mommy." Now I hear it about a million times a day. When I've heard it for the 999,999 time and I get to the point when I think I just can't hear it one more time that day, I am reminded of what a sweet sound it is, even when it's said over and over and over...and over again.

Time is passing by fast. Not only are the days on the calendar a blur but Addie's little moments are passing by, too. I love where she is right now, even on those tough days, but I see how fast she is growing up. Sunday night as she was up with the kids on stage, dancing during the last VBS service I could feel myself smiling - big - as I tried to capture it on video. I realized, as I was taking the video, that there was no way it would match the real thing as I was watching it take place. 

Addie knew where I was the whole time she was up there. Even though she stayed on stage and jumped and clapped and tried some of the other motions, because she could see me, every now and then I would see her lips move and they were saying, "Mommy." I was proud of her that she stayed where she was, but even prouder to be that sweet girl's Mommy.

I am so thankful for Addie.

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