Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Girl time

Last Friday night thirteen of us girls from our church loaded up and headed out on a little adventure. Our first stop was a dolphin cruise.

You may remember we took a dolphin cruise back in April for Sabian's birthday. It was much chillier then than it was when we set off on Friday but we still had a good time. Our evening started in a rush as we were running late to get to the boat by 5:15. While most of us made it in the nick of time, some of our group was still on their way when the boat was supposed to launch. One of the things that makes me the most uncomfortable is putting people out, so you can imagine how I felt as we were waiting and waiting and waiting for the rest of our group to arrive. I was so thankful that they held the boat...for 15 minutes. It was actually a little comical and the guys on the boat were really nice about it. We stayed behind and thanked the captain afterward and he had a no worries attitude about it, for which I am grateful. 

I am also grateful we saw a lot of dolphins. We kept telling ourselves, "See? If we had been here 15 minutes earlier we wouldn't have seen them!" Whether or not that is true, I was so thankful we saw them and had a beautiful sunset boat ride.

My photos of the dolphins aren't that great but we did see a lot and we saw them up close. When we went in April we spent our time on the upper deck but I realized to get a closer view it was good to be on the lower deck. It was so cool to see the dolphins right under us. Truth be told, the water looked really inviting, especially since it was so hot. I gave up my marine biology dreams a long time ago, but this trip reminded me of those days. We resisted the urge to jump in (we'd already held up the boat, what was a few more minutes?) and headed out to eat once we docked.

Waffle House. I love Waffle House and so does our youth group. When we moved here, like Chick-fil-A, it was a plus to see Waffle House restaurants everywhere. Granted, they are grungy and you come out smelling of grease, but those buttery, syrupy waffles are so good. This particular location was actually the nicest and cleanest I'd visited and the staff was great. We were the only ones in there so we enjoyed their full attention. The manager snapped the pictures of us above and asked that we send him copies so we could hang on their picture board. One day we will be famous for eating waffles.

We made it back to church (a much more leisurely drive back compared to the one on our way to catch the boat!), played Word Salad (I'll give these details later) and all headed home.

Scheduling a night like this can be tough, given that everyone is always headed in different directions. But, when it comes together like it did Friday night, it is a good time.

I am thankful for these girls!

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