Monday, August 29, 2011

Wishful crafting

I think I've said something like it before, but there is a wishful crafty person living deep down inside of me. I stroll the aisles of Michael's and Hobby Lobby and feel like I am filled with inspiration, only to forget about that initial inspiration and abandon my ideas or I realize some of those projects are waaay beyond my crafting ability. Maybe it's not so much crafting ability...more like...patience.

Either way, every now and then I get the push to actually do something, however simple it may be. Addie was playing with a white board and markers at church one day and I realized it would probably be a great idea for her to have one at home, along with the teaching (on my part) and understanding (her part) that she doesn't write on walls, just the white board.

We recently had our back door replaced, which is off of our little laundry room, which is right off of our kitchen. The new door lacks a window (a little sad about that) so I initially thought about painting the door with chalkboard paint until I remembered how much I really wouldn't want chalk dust all over my clean clothes and that black paint would make the room seem darker. I then thought about painting it with dry erase paint but figured it was easier and cheaper just to get a board.

I figured if I was going to get a board, it might be fun to dress it up a little. So this is what I did:

Addie has put the board to good use since I put it up. When I bought the ribbon I couldn't decide between the floral or the green polka dot so I bought both. And, both are different widths and I wasn't sure which width I wanted. I was able to use both, since the wider width looked better and the floral print disguises any errant marks when Addie doesn't color inside the lines. The green came in handy to make the "flowers" for the corners and I had buttons on hand already to glue for centers.

Now I'm mulling over how to tweak the advent calendar I made for Christmas last year, but was a little late in finishing it. I'm also tossing around ideas for a couple of Christmas decorations for our house and what I'm going to make to give away this year. Last year it was cinnamon honey butter, which was a hit, but I think I'd like to do something different this year.

I suppose it's time to get this Monday rolling. I am thankful for Sabian, who offered to take Addie for an hour this morning so I can get some things done.

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