Thursday, December 16, 2010

A peaceful moment and an edit

First, the edit. In my last post I said, "Well, Christmas is certainly upon us. Complete with cold temperatures even here in Florida..."

As it turns out, it is 70 degrees here today. I promise, we have had cold temperatures and I haven't been complaining, but today isn't bad, either.

While Addie is down for a nap I am taking some time to work on some edits for a freelance assignment I did last week and I figured I might as well indulge in this:

I'll even admit that this is my second pint of the season. But, what's a girl to do when it is limited edition and my coupon was for $1 off TWO pints? At least I can say I haven't eaten them in one sitting. In fact, I just cracked this one open. But, I may need to polish it off before we leave for home. Wouldn't want it to go bad or anything...

Addie and I spent the morning on some fun visits, deliveries of sorts.

We were delivering these:


Cinnamon honey butter. Thanks to my friend Lee Ann, who introduced me not only to this recipe but the blog that it originated from, our little tokens that we try to give out each year were made fun and relatively easy. Lee Ann made cinnamon honey butter last year and passed it on to us along with rolls she made. When I was thinking of what to make this year my mind went back to that butter, which was really good. Last year I baked a few different types of cookies, dipped pretzels - the whole big baking deal. I like doing it, but this year I wanted to simplify. This was perfect. We still have a few to give away but we had fun delivering and visiting this morning. On our first stop Addie wasn't too willing to hand over the cute little Christmas bag she apparently became attached to between the car and the house, but by the second house she had it down. I'm looking forward to delivering the rest.

Oh, and Addie really did help:

I think she had more fun playing in the usually forbidden silverware drawers since she was at perfect height to do so. She probably also thought it was cool to stand on a chair. Last night it was not so cool. While at church she fell off of a chair and apparently bit her lip, causing her to bleed. A lot. I didn't see it happen, but two of the younger girls went over to check on her and I saw it all as they were crouched down talking to her and then announced she was bleeding. There were a few tears and many paper towels, but shortly afterward she was back to her old daredevil self. This morning the only proof she had a fall are a couple of small spots on her lip. Phew. I'm not naive enough to think that that is the last time she will have something like that happen, but I'll be okay if it doesn't happen again soon.

Time to finish those edits and then wrap a few presents. Especially Sabian's goodies while he isn't home!

This is getting me in the mood:

I am thankful that Addie's injury was nothing more than it was!

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Becky said...

I recognize Ms. Libby's house in these pictures!! I'm glad Addie's injury wasnt serious also! I can't wait to see you guys soon...sooo soon!!!