Thursday, December 16, 2010

Merry Christmas begins

Well, Christmas is certainly upon us. Complete with cold temperatures even here in Florida, runny noses (Addie sneezed a big one as I typed this) and the hustle and bustle of getting ready to leave to visit home next week. I thought these runny noses (mine and Addie's) would put a damper on our week but we seem to be over the hump. Still drippy, but getting better.

We have a few Christmas-y things happening this week in the midst of getting things taken care of so we can leave. Last night was our youth Christmas party, Wewa's Christmas parade is this weekend and we are also celebrating our little Chaney Christmas this weekend. Addie and I are also hoping to make some "deliveries" today...stay tuned!

Christmas came a little early this week when we received a visit from our neighbors, the Millers, and they brought this:

Complete with ears that, if pressed, make him neigh, play galloping sounds, move his head and swish his tail. Addie has yet to ride him...I think it kind of freaked her out at first. But, I think she is warming up to him and before we know it I am sure we will find her rocking away.

Just another reason we live next to the best neighbors ever. It was so sweet of them to bring this gift to Addie and she properly thanked them with lots of hugs.

I am thankful for such thoughtful, giving neighbors!

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