Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hello December!

I think we're all saying it really December? In less than a month we'll all be celebrating Christmas and a week after that...a new year. It just doesn't seem possible. But, it is and here we are.

December has ushered in cooler temperatures for the panhandle. It certainly isn't too bad by any means and I consider it a nice change of pace. The few days prior had been in the 70s but a little too humid for my taste. I do find it fitting that Addie and I made a trip to the beach yesterday morning, to get out of the house and run around, which happened to be the last day of November. Today it would be a bit too cool to tire her out at the beach so we went for the park.

I'll admit, it was chilly, but once we got moving we felt much better. 

Now that Thanksgiving is over and the tree is up it is safe to listen to Christmas music. Our tunes of choice include Sufjan Stevens, Rosie Thomas, James Taylor and Josh Groban. Yes, Josh Groban. Don't judge me. I'm not a usual fan of his but I do like his Christmas CD. Oh, and Elise, if you are reading this, how is Phil Wickham? I have yet to download it.

So, the tree is up, the shopping that is going to get done is done (except for a couple of things for Addie), the Christmas cards arrived today, appropriately, and the weather is cooler. It is December.

I am thankful for having accomplished much so far this week and for the date Sabian and I will have tomorrow night!

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Katie said...

I am not Elise, but I LOVE Phil's new Christmas CD!!! : ) I am going to have to check out your favs!! And I miss you all!!