Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Raindrops on roses and sniffly noses...

I don't like leaving the blog dormant for a week due to laziness. If gone on a trip or sick or tending to a sick someone then yes, no problem. I will say that we've been busy but at the very least I could have posted a tidbit of something.

Alas, here we are, battling the sniffles and cooped inside because of those sniffles and the cold. Yes, it is cold here in the panhandle. Addie's congestion was threatening us on Saturday night, made a full on appearance on Sunday and is still running strong today. We are going on our third day of not leaving the house. Yesterday I thought, "hey, I'm doing pretty well with this," and today I realize that positivity is waning. I just want Addie better. It never fails, just as we are to head out of town, she gets sick. I've been praying that it stays where it is, doesn't develop into an ear infection and that what needs to get done this week (a lot) will get done. She's doing pretty well, considering, but as my to do list is long and her attention span is short, sometimes the two just don't mix. Oh, and did I mention I now have the sniffles, too? Popping the decongestants as often as they allow...

But, we barrel along. We were busy this past weekend. I took some of our high school girls out while a some of the guys stayed behind and trashed, er, got comfortable, in my house. Addie hung out with Sabian and the guys and from what I hear, had a blast. Us girls had a good time, too. We did a little shopping, saw Tangled (pleasantly surprised!) and had some food. It was a late night, but a good night. Too bad we forgot our cameras.

Saturday we ran errands but took some time out to see some more lights. These lights are at the marina in Panama City.

Earlier that day we were at the mall taking care of a couple of things (as quickly as possible - malls + Christmas = reminders of my retail days) and passed by the arcade, which, of course, drew Addie in. We thought she would love playing in the balloon pit (?) and all signs seemed to point to yes, until she got in there.

She wasn't thrilled. Even when Sabian went in with her she was still not too excited. They employee at the counter graciously offered to refund our $2, which we accepted. She was much happier "playing" the driving games, which was further confirmation that she will love the car we got her for Christmas.

Yesterday Sabian brought home a pet.

While helping some of the ladies set up for an event at church, they stumbled across this little guy. Not so much stumbled as screamed, but Sabian felt bad for him because he was so cold and brought him home to show Addie. He stayed in the cup most of the day before Sabian took him back.  I was sure I would glance in the cup at some point and he would be gone but thankfully he remained in the cup.

Well, that's us for now. Back to my list. Addie and I were going to make the trek to Panama City today but I think we'll wait until tomorrow when it is supposed to climb into the 50s. Maybe we'll at least make it to the post office!

I am thankful for what I have been able to get done so far...and looking forward to more!

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