Saturday, December 4, 2010

Beard results

I'm delinquent in posting this but after seeing the photo you might understand why...

Stripes and polka dots, that's what the kids in our youth group chose for Sabian. They also wanted him to dye it red but the dye didn't really take. Hmm, too bad.

Thursday night Sabian and I went out on a date. In hindsight I would have planned it for earlier in the week. We also went out as a family yesterday and again, I might have been better at my planning had I remembered this was going to happen Wednesday night.

It hasn't been so bad, really, and our kids went above and beyond what we asked them to do - they raised over $200 for Speed the Light, which is pretty great.

Again, I am thankful that this new style will only be around for another few days.

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