Monday, December 6, 2010

Le Weekend

A packed weekend has passed and ushered us into a busy week.

Friday we headed out to Defuniak Springs, a town that is about two hours from us. A lady in Wewa told me about the awesome display of lights they put on at Christmas so we thought it would be fun to take Addie out to see them. Unfortunately, my little point and click camera was not enough to really capture how cool the lights were but we tried. 

In Defuniak there is a round, spring-fed lake, apparently one of only two such lakes in the world. The other is in Zurich, Switzerland. Which, incidentally, I have flown over and into Zurich but, I digress. I'm not sure how big around the lake is, but there are lights around the entire lake. Strung around each and every tree, hanging from the trees and also displays of animals, Santa, trains, carolers, insects and other scenes. Rather than drive the tour, we parked and walked around the lake and among all of the lights. It was warm enough that we were able to forget about scarves and gloves and we took our time. It was pretty cool to look across the lake and see all of the lights reflected in the water. We did run into some ducks that scared us half to death. Aside from the Christmas lights there were very few other lights, which made seeing the decorations even better, but made noises in the night seem that much scarier.

While I was really excited for Addie to see the lights, she seemed less interested. She did like them and had fun looking at some of the "animals" up close, but she was intermittently whiny. I figured it was due to the short, one hour nap she took while in the car, which was about two hours shy of her normal naps of the past couple of weeks. Today I discovered she also has two new teeth peeking through, which could have contributed to her general fussiness over the weekend. 

But, we had fun.

We spent part of Saturday helping serve lunch for those participating in the Junior Bible Quiz meet at church. It gave Addie a chance to run around and spend some time with lots of kiddos. Sunday was Sunday and now we are here at Monday, getting things done around the house so we can tackle the rest of the week.

Christmas music, check. Christmas lights, check. Christmas shopping done, check. Almost there...

I am thankful for a happy girl today and finally getting a clue into why she's been a little unhappy. Sometimes this mom can be a little clueless!

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Zac Smith said...

It sounds like the light display was epic! I especially liked the picture of Bro. Sabe and Addie beside the tree wrapped in lights. There's not much to be said for the lights around lakeland.
Although ben and I did enjoy a beautiful Christmas concert put on by the music department here at school, which was fairly epic, itself. lol