Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Favorite things - 2010 edition

Last year I wrote a post and included some of my favorite things for the season. They are still some of my favorites. This year I have a new crop of favorite items and sellers and figured I'd share them with you, just in time for shopping. I'm not implying that you buy them for me, but if you feel so led...

I'm no Oprah although secretly, or maybe not so secretly, I think we all wish we'd be part of that audience that was surprised to find out they are on her famous "Favorite Things" episode. I checked out her list and while there are certainly some things on there that would be nice to bring home, not all of the items, to me, were favorite things-worthy.

So, here we go. This is no official list and it certainly isn't comprehensive but it is always fun to get together a little list. Too bad I'm not a certified advertiser for any of these guys...

The Swiffer. Chuckle all you like, but these days it IS one of my favorite things. I'm not necessarily advocating that you buy it for someone for Christmas but it isn't a bad add-on for the one in your life who despises mopping. Maybe it was my days working at Bread Co. (Panera, for those of you who are Floridians) and the scrubbing and mopping I had to do there, but along with emptying the dishwasher, I really do not like to mop. I justified my Swiffer purchase by buying the cheaper one, the one that does not need the bottle of solution and the cloths - this one just needs wet or dry cloths. And, interestingly enough, since I don't mind sweeping, I figure my only real consistent investment will be in the wet cloths. I like the ease of the system and the smell of the cloths and the not emptying the dirty mop water and figuring out where to hang the dirty mop so it can dry part of it all. Visit the Swiffer site for a great coupon.

Chalkboard placemats. I've admired these from afar for a while and recently bought one for my niece for her birthday. Since the seller was offering a deal, I also purchased one for Addie as a stocking stuffer. You can find them all over but I bought mine from adornwithaandm. They were very reasonably priced compared to other mats, the seller was easy to work with and the shipping was fast. They offer many fabric choices and they are the perfect size for stowing away in a diaper bag or purse and then unveiling just at that certain point in the restaurant when the straws, crackers and little do-dad wrappers holding the silverware together just aren't cutting it as toys anymore.

I love unique jewelry, especially handmade designs. I don't wear so much these days since Addie likes it, too. I was introduced to freshie and zero at my first visit to the Strange Folk Festival in O'Fallon, IL and have followed them since. I still have yet to own my own piece, but I really like their designs, their prices are good and right now they are offering FREE shipping!

One of my first etsy purchases was from John W. Golden. He is a great guy, creates some cool photography and art pieces and is quick to respond to questions and/or comments on his blog and etsy site. I have a couple of his prints and also a set of the smaller prints of the By Order of the Management series. If you've visited my bathroom lately, you've seen them! Visit him at his etsy site.

I love this Christmas ornament from Little Bit Funky. For those of us who aren't so crafty, you can buy it and other fun things at her etsy store.

Local Library is awesome handmade jewelry by Lauren Haupt. I have long admired this necklace:

It is just another item I have yet to purchase but remains in my etsy favorites. Visit her etsy store for this and other cool jewelry pieces.

Sigh. I just had to include Madsen. One of these bikes is on the same list as my new couch, kitchen table and chairs, camera, etc, etc. I'm not greedy, not dissatisfied...just, wistful!

Moop is another store I ran across when I first became an etsy addict. I have followed their blog and it has been cool to see how they continue to evolve their shop and their bags. Again, I have yet to own one but it is another on my etsy favorites. If I had my choice, I would choose...the Duffel, the Little Letter Bag, or this new beauty! They also have an etsy shop.

GaddyNipperCrayons is an etsy shop that sells, well, crayons. But, not any ordinary crayons, awesome crayons! All shapes, even your name and my personal favorite, the mustaches pictured above. Very reasonable and really cute!

I love, love this salt and pepper shaker set but Amazon is sold out. Bummer. They'd be so cute on my table! Or, on the counter out of a certain someone's reach. Koziol also has some other cool items, but these top my list for them. No matter that I can't translate their website...

Don't forget about Scabby Robot! Her craftsmanship is superb, she is great to deal with and her designs are eye catching. And yes, visit her Etsy shop.

Like I said, this is not an exhaustive list and I am sure I will tag other favorite things on to other posts as I come across new items. For now, I hope you enjoy these!

I am thankful for the cooler temps that are heading our way tonight! But, I'm glad they held off so that Addie and I could enjoy some time at the beach this morning.


Lee Ann said...

Cooler weather is nice...except I'm beginning to dread our walk in 30degree weather tomorrow morning...

Melissa said...

It wasn't so bad!