Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

It started a week or so ago when Sabian and I were having a conversation with someone and uttered the words, "Yeah, we haven't really had to deal with any of the throwing up," in reference to kids being sick. We've had our fair share of runny noses and ear infections but Addie has spared us clean up duty when it comes to the other stuff.

Well, last night, the other stuff hit us. I should say it more so tapped us on the shoulder rather than full blown, all out paid a visit to our house. Around 1:30 this morning Addie woke up, restless, and about a half hour later threw up first in our bed, then all over herself and Sabian. It wasn't terrible and those two times were it, although we had the plastic bowl at the ready. She was still restless the rest of the night and burning up, but after a dose of Motrin around 7:30 this morning and sleeping until after 11, she woke up as if nothing had ever happened. Phew.

All in all I think it boiled down to some bad milk. Lest you think we are negligent parents, the date on the carton wasn't until next week but later when I smelled the contents, they spelled otherwise.

I woke up earlier than Addie but then went back to bed and woke up with her after 11, so our day was a little...weird. "Breakfast" consisted of goldfish crackers, lunch wasn't until two and then Addie took a short, one hour nap at three. The whole day felt so off to me. It wasn't a bad day but I am ready to start over long as tonight is vomit-free.

Since, thankfully, I have no photos from last night, I will share what I consider a wacky picture for this wacky Wednesday:

I guess drive-thru could include bicycles?

Today I am thankful that Addie's episode last night was minimal, did not carry over into today and that she is sleeping soundly now...and hopefully for the rest of the night!

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