Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The ghouls have gone and November is here

November? Really? How is it possible?

Here we are, down to the last two months of the year and on the brink of beginning yet another twelve months. Lest I get all thoughtful I'll go ahead and recap Halloween.

Last year I was so proud of myself for making Addie's costume. I found the idea in a magazine, altered it due to my last minute-ness and she came out looking like this:

No sewing required! That's my kind of costume. As a result, I thought it would be fun to try my hand at it again this year. I am a little limited because Addie isn't big on wearing things on her head or in her hair, so my initial sheep costume idea was nixed. A friend offered another idea using the same type of materials and requiring no head wear. So, here she is:

Pointing to her fellow clouds up in the sky

I'm sure you can guess how we all fit together...

Saturday night our church held a fall festival and Addie took part in just about every aspect of it. I was working the registration table so I wasn't out there the whole time, but she spent the evening with Sabian and then her buddy Ivory, bouncing, painting (and eating paint) pumpkins, munching on junk food and participating in all sorts of other activities. You'd think after all of that she would have been exhausted and while she was tired, she didn't go to sleep nearly as fast as I thought she would.

The horn startled her, but just a bit!

I contributed some ghostly cake pops to the night, which turned out to be more ghastly than ghostly. My last two batches of cake pops have tasted fine but haven't looked so hot. Guess I had beginner's luck with my very first batch. I'll have to keep working on them.

One of the better of the bunch

Oh and we finally got around to carving Addie's little pumpkin - good thing kids don't have much of a concept for days considering we just carved this yesterday. I think of it as a Thanksgiving pumpkin.

My design - original, eh?

So, there it is, Halloween in the books. Oh, and I knew when I was making Addie's costume that it would look worse for wear in a short while. After all of the Cheeto eating, bounce house jumping and other fun she had, this is what we ended up with:

I'm glad our girl had fun.

I am thankful for cooler weather and even cooler temps later this week. I'm also thankful for considerate friends and the absence of Addie's runny nose and no ear infections!

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Zac Smith said...

Addie was an adorable cloud. I totally did not know Melissa Chaney's world-famous cake pops would be making an appearance, though!