Monday, November 8, 2010

Whirlwind weekend wrap up & an anniversary

Phew. Catching my breath from the weekend. I'm sure glad this was the weekend that we picked up an extra hour of sleep.

First of all, the weather was perfect all weekend. Maybe a little chilly, but there was a healthy dose of sunshine all around. Friday we set out to see my sister and brother-in-law who were in the panhandle for the weekend. We took a walk, saw some people, lounged around, had some food, lounged some more and then hit the road back to Wewa to prepare for Saturday. I just realized we took NO photos of our hanging out with them!

Saturday brought the Harvest Market to our church. Basically, we had a large yard sale at church complete with giveaways, food and a bounce house for the kiddos. All of the proceeds from our youth group's tables will go to Speed the Light, which helps our missionaries purchase vehicles and other equipment. I'm not sure yet how much we made but anytime you can get rid of some stuff and make a little money, that's a good thing.

Hey, we sold it for $10.

A quick couple hours of rest Saturday afternoon and then we were off to take some of our youth kids to go bowling and skating. I debated whether or not Addie and I would go since the weekend had been so busy already but we went and she loved it. She did pretty well at the bowling alley, not running out onto the lanes and such. She clapped when the balls hit the pins and had fun hanging out with the kids.

Snackin' on some chicken fingers, watchin' the kids skate.

A sneak peek into the future.

Sunday was church but after church we were invited out to the Parker Farm. The Parkers are a large, extended family that comes to our church. Many of the families live near one another on an area of land that they call the Parker Farm. They'd invited us out to hang out with their family, eat lunch and bounce around on some inflatables they had rented for an event earlier in the weekend. I lost count of how many times Addie and I went up and down the slides. She cried when we had to get off just so we could climb back up to go down again. Even with all of that she loved hanging out on the trampoline.

Trampoline hair!

More trampoline hair!

The afternoon was complete with chili, hot dogs, hamburgers, cotton candy (my favorite!), sno cones and oysters. Yes, oysters. Sabian had never had an oyster and I'd only had a raw one once. That was enough for me. Apparently Sabian had a few raw oysters yesterday (I was busy going up and down slides) and then one of the girls made baked oysters with cheese and other flavorings. I tried one and then had another and another. I surprised myself, but made that way they were really good. I had to eat one for her to prove I'd eaten the few before that one when she wasn't around. They also sent us home with a bag of corn on the cob and a bag of shrimp and new potatoes they'd had for a boil the night before. I could get used to hanging out with them!

Addie crashed when we got home. She's done pretty well with this time change, not getting up too early and going to bed just fine and dandy. She'll wonder why today is so boring when we're just hanging out at home trying to get some things done.

I am thankful for members of our church family who think of us, include us in their family gatherings and treat us just like one of them.

P.S. November 1st was my second year blogging anniversary. Not tooting my horn, just can't believe it has been two years!

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wow, y'all have had such an adventure!