Tuesday, November 23, 2010


It seems I took an unintentional blogging break.

I suppose we've been wrapped up in the goings on of life - occupying Addie, various church and youth group activities, family outings. Now we're on the edge of preparing for Thanksgiving and then after that the busyness of Christmas and at the end of the month, a trip home. It's no secret that I am already looking forward to that.

In the meantime, a quick rundown of this past weekend. We spend Friday and Saturday in Sandestin for a youth leaders retreat. We stayed on the 15th floor of the Hilton, right on the beach, in one of the nicest hotel rooms I've stayed in - it was very comfortable, to say the least. There were even built-in bunk beds in the room. We didn't use them, but sure had fun playing on them. We did have Addie with us so I wasn't able to go to the sessions with Sabian, but it sounded like the speaker did a great job and Addie and I met up with everyone for meals. I'll admit, I was bummed that I wasn't able to join Sabian and the other leaders in the sessions. Sabian shared his notes and his take on things, but it would have been nice to have been in there and to have heard it all first hand. But, Addie and I enjoyed taking our time getting going Saturday morning (since she decided to get up at 6) and then exploring our surroundings.

After the retreat concluded that afternoon we took off for some shopping in the Destin area and then headed back to Wewa. All in all it was good to get out of town and Addie had fun.

We had some little friends visit us!

A girl and her goldfish crackers.

Up high!

'Twas very windy up there!

We caught a sunrise, courtesy of Addie's early rising.
I am thankful for our weekend and the upcoming festivities. Hope to be a better blogger this week!

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Lee Ann said...

So wish I had been in town to keep Addie for you. Girl, next time if we're in town we're totally doing that for you. We need to have a practice sleepover really soon where you and Sabian just go for a date night and then come back in town so in case we need you. We could totally do it. We have a crib she could sleep in and everything--it would be fun! Let's try it soon!