Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Today is Tuesday

It's not Monday, it's Tuesday.

In my last post, which was on Sunday night, I said I'd be back tomorrow, meaning Monday. I was not back on Monday, but I am back today, which is Tuesday.

We've had a busy start to our week. Yesterday Addie and I made an uncharacteristic Monday jaunt to Panama City. Uncharacteristic because, as I have written before, Mondays are usually down days for us, the day I try to get the bulk of my domestic duties done and a day for us to take easy and go no where after our busy Sundays. I was anxious to buy some supplies for a project I am working on for Addie, although I haven't been able to work on it yet and probably could have waited - hoping I can get to it tonight. Either way, we got out of the house, stopped by Chick-fil-a for lunch and were home in time for a nap for Addie, which meant house cleaning time for me. We were also preparing to have kids over that evening for the 30 Day Youth Challenge Sabian has been leading.

This morning we had the pleasure of hanging out with Micah and Ivory while their mom was off for a doctor's appointment for their new brother who will be arriving in October. We had a fun morning with them filled with lots of squeals (very high pitched, all 3, I might add!) and Goldfish crackers.

Building "towers" and knocking them down.

Sweetest boy you'll ever meet! Hard to get him when he wasn't moving!

Ivory requested a picture of herself while she was screaming.

Addie, enjoying it all.
I think I said in my last post that I'd recap our week last week but honestly, I don't remember much of it. Our weekend, I do remember, but sadly have no photos to accompany my recap. Friday Sabian caught up on the things he couldn't do Thursday since we ran around what felt like a million places. Friday around 4:30 we made it to the beach for the first time in weeks. It was as though Addie was greeting a long lost friend when she set her eyes on the water and her toes in the sand. She ran and ran, dug and dug and we played and played in the waves. It was so nice to be there around sunset and so nice that Addie wore herself out for a great night's sleep.

Saturday was hot but we went to the park to feed the fish and turtles. In the process, Addie added her flip flop to their meal and we were resigned to playing longer at the park while we waited for her shoe to float to shore. This would have been well and good if it hadn't been so hot, if Addie hadn't been complaining since she had to run around with no shoes on and if we weren't generally a little soured that her shoe was in the water. It did finally make it close to the edge and with the aid of a borrowed pole from a camper, Sabian waded in (about shin high) to the mucky, yucky water and retrieved the shoe. My hero.

Unfortunately, I currently cannot find these shoes. After all of that effort to retrieve her flip flop to make them a pair, she wore them to church Sunday night and now they have disappeared. My hunch? I had them on top of the car as I was putting her in her car seat to take her home Sunday night and they flew off. I retraced my drive (which is all of three, maybe five minutes, and they weren't to be found. Granted, they were $2.50 Old Navy flip flops but Addie has gotten so much wear out of them this summer (despite her rapidly growing feet!) and since it will still be "summer" here for a while longer, we probably could have still used them.

I have this hunch of their demise (or someone else's gain) because as I was leaving church Sunday morning I did the same thing to my bible. But, I saw it and was able to turn back. Not sure where my brain was this weekend!

Rewind back to Saturday. In spite of our somewhat deflated trip to the park (saved by the bubble blower Sabian thought to bring along) we had a birthday party to look forward to that afternoon. Addie's friend Ivory (the screaming cutie in the picture above) turned three last week and her mom put together an awesome party for her. Ivory's pink and blue ice cream parlor party was, pardon the pun, so sweet. Lee Ann left no stone unturned and created a perfect little party for Ivory. Strawberry lemonade, cupcones, homemade ice cream, handmade accents and candy, candy, candy - all in pink and blue. Addie had a great time and enjoyed eating dessert for dinner. She loved her handmade ice cream corsage so much so that she didn't want to take it off and when I took her shirt off later that night she still wanted it pinned on - ouch ;) . Take a look at the link above for photos from the party.

The only picture I have from the party. This was after Ivory changed from her sweet pink & blue dress that Lee Ann MADE for her. Notice Addie's corsage.
So, here we are at Tuesday afternoon. Sabian checked the calendar for me and it is exactly a month from today when fall will officially hit. "Hit" as in the season will switch over on the calendar but it will likely still feel like summer here. Don't get me wrong, the mild winters here aren't so bad, I'm just really missing the Midwest transition to fall.

I guess you could say I'm missing home in general. The people, the places, the overall comfort of being home. I am thankful for here and for the things I am learning, things that I do feel compelled to share but am still mulling over the words.

For now, I am thankful for dinner cooking in the crockpot and for the sudden gray skies we have. Makes for a cozy rest of the day, I hope!

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