Monday, August 8, 2011

Toes, flowers & brownies

There are clothes in the dryer that need to be put away and dishes in the sink that need to be washed. In 18 minutes when my brownies come out of the oven I am off to lay down for as long as Addie's nap will let me.

She was up at 6 this morning. Every now and then she decides to get up early but it isn't a normal practice for her. Early for her is usually around 7:30. On days like these, especially when it is gray and rainy outside, she is ready for an earlier nap and so am I.

But first, a couple of things from last week.

I stole away for a pedicure, my first in a while, and it was wonderful. I also brought some of these home when we went grocery shopping:

As often as I can I love having fresh flowers on the table. For $5, I couldn't pass them up. I know some people think flowers are a waste of money, given that they last just a few days and then die, but I love having them around. Sabian could get me fresh flowers for birthdays, Valentine's Day or just because and I'd be happy.

I'm also about to place an order for some labels for Addie from Kiddo Tags. Maybe it is because they could fall into the school supply category (and I LOVE school supply shopping!), but I'm pretty excited about this order, especially since I purchased a deal to get $30 worth of labels for $15. I know Addie isn't in school yet so right now there are just a few things I'll use them for, but now I'll have a stash and Addie should be set as far as labeling her stuff for a while.

Six minutes until the brownies are done. I suppose I could fold that laundry while I am waiting. Sabian is starting a 30 day challenge for kids in our youth group who are willing to participate. We're meeting with them for the first time tonight, which is the excuse behind the brownies. I'm vowing to just eat one and to make sure the rest are either eaten or taken to other homes tonight. My willpower has been zilch lately.

I am thankful for a rainy day.

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