Sunday, August 14, 2011

The short and sweet of it

I should have been in bed long ago. As I type this, my husband is sleeping in a chair next to me as he tries to "stay up" so he can catch up on a (recorded) St. Louis Cardinals baseball game. He's very tired because he stayed up all night last night creating and finishing a DVD for our youth group to show at a DVD release party earlier this evening at our house.

On our couch one of our college students, Allison, is snoozing. She's very tired because today she drove to Atlanta and back for a baseball game and on her way home, she hit a deer and totaled her car. She and her passenger are okay, but her house keys are in her wrecked car.

And me? I did not stay up all night, nor did I get into an accident - I'm just tired. But, not too tired for a quick blog post. A rundown of our past few days:

We spent two days last week with my sister, brother-in-law, niece and two of my nephews while they vacationed in Grayton Beach. Addie and I went out on our own one day and Friday we went back, this time Sabian was with us. It rained some while we were there so we spent some of our time hanging out in their rental, part of the time in the pool and part of the time doing a little running around. It was really good to be with them and Addie loves being with her cousins. 

Sabian and I had a day date Saturday. We had lunch and perused some furniture stores in search of a new couch. Still looking for a deal, but the looking went soooo much faster without a two year old in tow. I am certain Addie would have loved to have jump-tested the couches in each store, but being childless for a few hours meant speedy trips in and out of the stores. It was good to have that time with Sabian. I sure do love and appreciate him!

Something - the heat? the in and out of the stores? the big lunch? - wore me out Saturday. When we got home I had about an hour and a half of gladly doing nothing on the couch before we went to another going away party for another college student leaving us. So happy for Clay, although bittersweet as we are sad to see him go, too.

Sunday, oh Sunday. Busy Sunday. As I said above, Sabian was up all night (no exaggeration) making the DVD for our annual year end DVD release party. Yes, school starts tomorrow but tonight, believe it or not, was the most convenient night to have it.  So, we had another full house until it was time for those who were able to make it to pack up and get ready for school tomorrow.

And now, two passed out in the living room, one sleeping soundly in her little bed and me, about to wake Sabian and send him to bed.

I thought I was going to have to leave this post picture-less but found a few on my iPod. Despicable, having spent time with my family and on a date with my husband and I didn't take any pictures.  I'd like to think it's because we were having so much fun I didn't think about it. Yes, that's it.

Making my famous chocolate chip cookies for my cousins!
Where are Addie & Ethan?

I think...

...I see...

I am so thankful for the time we had with my family, so thankful for my date with Sabian and very thankful Allison and Sam came out of their scary ordeal tonight without a scratch.

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