Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hello, goodbye & everything inbetween

A moment. Finally, time to post!

I last left you with the challenges to myself in the book I am reading as well as a few books I hope to get to in coming months. That was on the eve of the arrival of our friends from Illinois.

Simply said, our visit with Becky and Stacy was great! I felt like I was on vacation, too, hanging out with them and not having to worry too much about a schedule. The only time we had to think about where we had to be and when was for our church's egg hunt last Saturday, church Sunday morning and then time out at the ballpark that afternoon with others from church. Other than that, we did what we pleased.

What we pleased meant a trip to Apalachicola and St. George Island, the above mentioned weekend church activities, a couple of trips to the beach for some sun, a dolphin cruise and dinner for Sabian's birthday, shopping and eating with Libby, Wednesday night youth service and eating, eating, eating. Just like when you're on vacation, everything seemed to revolve around eating. I think we maintained a "full" state the whole time the girls were here!

I forgot to mention that we colored eggs, too. In our emails back and forth before they got there Becky had one request and that was that we would dye eggs while they were here. I thought it was a great idea, especially since this would be Addie's first time. It was a lot of fun and Addie loved it. Every part except for when she cracked and egg shell and Sabian peeled the egg. Apparently a broken egg shell is better than no shell at all.

The time we spent catching up with these girls was really great. They were both older members of our youth group in Troy, IL and remained faithful during our time there. These girls are very special to us and have now made the trip to Wewa twice, once by land and once by air. Addie loved having them here and is still asking for "S'acey" and "Gecky." She sweetly asks for them a couple of times a day. I am soooo glad we get to see them again next month!

Without further adieu, photos from our fun week:
Face plant on St. George Island.

There's CANDY in these eggs!

A friend from church brought this "friend" by to see us.

Off to see the dolphins!

Stacy cautiously feeding the birds flying near the boat.

Brave girl!

Birthday picture with Daddy.

Dolphins! We even got to see a baby dolphin swimming with its mom.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

There were many more details to our week, but this is the gist of it. We had a wonderful time with Becky and Stacy and we were sad to see them go. It was fun having them here to celebrate Sabian's birthday with us (Happy Birthday Sabe!) and just having them here in general was nice.

I am thankful for lasting relationships like these! 

P.S. Becky, I want some of your photos! :)

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Taylormarie said...

These are great pictures, and it sounds like you guys really know how to have fun..why wasn't i invited to see dolphins :( haha jk