Wednesday, April 13, 2011

To my fellow bookworms...

Recently I was trying to figure out what to tackle for my personal devotion time. I usually choose a book in the Bible, read it, study it and as always, I'll read the daily reading for My Utmost for His Highest. I like doing this, but I find myself drawn back to the same books (Philippians, in particular). Not that I don't think I can't learn something new, but I was hoping to try for something new.

I considered choosing a book to read alongside my Bible, but was afraid I might get too caught up in the book and overlook reading my Bible. But, I know for me that rather than sitting down and just figuring out something to read in the Bible during my devotion, I need to have more of an agenda. This is mostly due to the fact that time to sit down and do this isn't always available so when it is, I need to make the most of it.

Ultimately I did decide to read a book, but knew that I would need to be diligent about reading the scriptures and context that the book references. Then, I felt like I would have a set devotion and would get the Bible reading in as well.

I have a book, A Young Woman's Walk with God by Elizabeth George, that I bought with the original intention of using it as a study with one or more girls in our youth group. I purchased it along with a book by the same author, A Young Woman's Call to Prayer, which I was able to walk through with a high schooler from church a couple of summers ago. I felt like it was a fruitful time for both of us.

A Young Woman's Walk with God has been sitting on my bookshelf for a while, along with many other books I would like to read. I thought it would be good to read it so that, if the time does come to use it in a study with other girls, I would know what it's about. It is geared more toward high school to college aged girls, but so far it has been good for me, too.

I was pleased when I saw that the book's focus is on the fruit of the Spirit. This passage of scripture, the whole chapter, is full of applicable, Godly characteristics that we should be implementing in our daily lives. George's book is a great reminder of how to carry out the fruit of the Spirit, making it evident in our lives. Simply written and easy to read, it has called me out on a few things and has made me humbly recognize what I'm not and should be doing in my own life.

Like I said, along with this book there are several in my stash that are waiting to be read. I love to read but, as I am sure many of you can relate, it is hard to find the time. If I can get my devotion in, I'm doing well. Additional reading is icing on the cake, but many times it doesn't happen. We read with Addie at night and I hope and pray she will enjoy reading like Sabian and I do.

I currently have at least four books I really want to get to:
Don't Make Me Count to Three! by Ginger Plowman
Miss Hildreth Wore Brown: Anectdotes of a Southern Belle by Olivia debelle Byrd

Both of the above are gifts from my friend Libby and the second book is signed by the author, who spoke at our church.

Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman

This was a gift to me from our pastor's wife and is written by the wife of Stephen Curtis Chapman. It is about Mary Beth's life including the loss of one of their adopted daughters. I'm figuring they should sell this one with a box of tissues...

See You in a Hundred Years by Logan Ward

I read about this one on another blog and it sparked my interest. Think you could revert back to living like it was 1900?

So, maybe this is a quasi Summer reading list. There are more waiting for me and some I would like to read again. I hope to get to the library, too, and to take Addie. I've taken her before but she was more interested in taking books off the shelves and being not so quiet. Maybe we'll try it again soon and see how she does now. I'd love for her to get in the habit of enjoying going to the library and getting new books to read. For now, we're wrapped up in Curious George every night before bed.

I have no photos to accompany this post, so here is what we were doing this time last year:

Today I am thankful for the lunch out with a friend yesterday and for the arrival of our guests tomorrow!

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Shari said...

I remember the days of Brandon being the only Child and ready to him every night. He had a few favorites the most favorite was Winkin, Blinkin and Nod. I read that just about every night. I say all that to say this. He is still a lover of books. (So our his parents).