Monday, April 11, 2011


Thank goodness it's Monday.

I know most people dread Mondays, and it's not that I'm necessarily a proponent of Mondays, but when our weekend was what this past weekend was, I was thankful to see today.

I've posted before about how we've become professional pork pullers here in the Chaney household and this last week/weekend we had the opportunity to hone our skills even more. We were up to our elbows in this:

That's just part of over 300 pounds of Boston Butt. We pulled pork for a few hours last Thursday afternoon/evening with a band of awesome helpers in preparation for a fundraiser we were part of on Saturday.

In Wewa we receive our electric service from a cooperative. Every year Co-op day is a big deal and people come from around the panhandle to little ol' Wewa. They conduct business and give away prizes and there's food to eat, animals for the kiddos to see and a few other things. Our first co-op day was beginner's luck for us - Addie won a hanging plant for being the youngest in attendance and we also won a Wal-mart gift card. This year we walked away with no prizes but we kept busy dishing out hotdogs and pulled pork sandwiches to the many who were there. It was all over by about noon (all except for the clean up and miscellaneous wrap up) and we came home hot, sweaty and tired. But, we raised a good amount of money that will help our kids go to camp and other various activities throughout the year. 

Sabian spent hours preparing and orchestrating our plan of attack, we had lots of help along with the couple of guys in our church who are great about cooking the meat any time we need a few butts cooked ;) I'm glad we did it but I'm glad it is over, too. Later that day we were able to welcome my friend Libby home at the airport and then we came home to crash and prepare for Sunday.

And today, well, today Addie and I did our domestic duties in preparation for our Illinois friends who are arriving later this week. It was a busier Monday than we normally have but it was nice to do what we needed to do at our own pace.

Today I am thankful for Addie - she behaved really well all weekend and today, too! I'm also thankful for all of the help we had over the weekend.

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