Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Adelaide in August

I know, it is cliche to say it, but is it really August already?

I feel like we've been quarantined a bit since it has been so hot. After a few days of Addie asking for the "doats" (i.e., "goats") we visited them last night when it was a tad bit cooler.

We also put her in the "whee" (i.e., "swing") and took some otherwordly pictures. I couldn't resist the from behind photo of her sweet tush in the swing. It looks like Addie is swinging in between dimensions but really, it was just because it was dark.

We also made it to the beach on Saturday. We didn't get out there until around 4 p.m. and it was still sweltering. The water felt like hot tub water but we still frolicked and played until we could play no more. Addie wasn't much for pictures that day...

Addie is so much fun these days. Her vocabulary is growing and she is literally running everywhere she goes. Two of my favorite things right now include her pronunciation of water, which is "wa-whee" (which, come to think of it, sounds like Wewa backwards. Weird.), and when you ask her what a lion says and a "roarrrrr!" comes from this sweet little girl.

I am so thankful for her! Even if she STILL won't call me Mommy. Yes, you read right.

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