Thursday, August 19, 2010

More Illinoisans invade the beach

Just when all seemed bleak and dreary, when all of our friends and family were canceling their trips to the beach due to the oil scare, things got a little brighter.

I already posted about the pleasant surprise we received when we heard my friend Missy was still coming to the beach. Then, just a few weeks ago I received a text from Wheels, a college student who was part of our youth group in Illinois. She and her family were planning an impromptu trip to Panama City Beach and were wondering if we could get together.

Last week we met for dinner and then a stroll/night crab catching on the beach. Since Wheels is now dating Jon, another former youth group member, we were also able to catch up with him. It was so good to see all of them and as always, Addie enjoyed playing with new friends, even if she did cry at first when Wheels jumped in the car with us ;) .

We are always thankful for visits from friends and family. It is always good to get a taste of home.

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