Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hangin' with my peeps

Earlier this week we had a chance to hang out with some friends from home. My friend Missy and her husband Andy and daughter Juni were spending the week in Seagrove so we hooked up for dinner. Months and months ago I was so excited to hear about their vacation plans and that they would be so close to us but then, as with many others, they were canceling their plans as the threat of oil was near. Lo and behold, a couple of weeks ago she was in touch to let me know that they were boldly making the trip and I'm so glad they have been rewarded with oil-free beaches during their stay.

Missy and I have known each other since our days at Bank of America, our first job out of college. We were hired within days of each other - two Melissas - Melissa Blosser and Melissa Bell. We worked in the same department but she was on the design side while I worked with the writers. A few of us girls became good friends and had a few fun adventures before a couple of years went by and the powers that were decided to close our department. But, they could not close our friendships! Our little group has remained in touch ever since.

We met Missy, Andy and Juni at their awesome rental house and headed for dinner. Once the yellow flies came out and decided to make dessert out of our legs we moved the party to the beach to see the last of the sunset. When we could no longer see our hands in front of our faces we moved back to their rental where we enjoyed key lime pie and some more conversation. Then, we both had two tired girls to get to bed so we said our goodbyes and parted ways.

I am thankful for these friendships and how even over time and distances they remain the same.


dpearce76 said...

Cute pic! :-)

Becky said...

I absolutely LOVE addie's face in this picture!!!! She loves her MOMMY!!!! I'm so glad you've gotten several visitors this summer!!!