Monday, August 23, 2010

Little Miss

When we left the house this morning for the park, this is how Addie looked:

Last night when we left for church she grabbed her purse before we headed out the door and she did the same this morning. If I say so myself, I thought it was incredibly cute. Even cuter is when she puts her purse or anything with a strap, for that matter, over her arm and you tell her how pretty she is. Her reaction is priceless.

Addie is catching on to so much these days. It makes me realize how much she is picking up and how Sabian and I can influence her and teach her in so many ways. It makes me not want to be lazy about those opportunities!

Oh, and her tie dyed shirt...a couple of months ago I got it in my mind that I wanted to tie dye. I bought a kit and let it sit for a couple of weeks before I did anything about it. As I read the directions I realized I needed more than just one little white t-shirt, as the three bottles in the kit would offer a lot of dye. I grabbed a couple of white onesies and a pair of Sabian's underwear (that he has yet to discover!) and went to work. The t-shirt turned out not bad and one of the onesies was exactly what I wanted, while the other was a mess due to my feeble effort to think outside the box. The underwear made me laugh out loud. Hey, I needed to use the extra dye - that's my excuse. I don't know why I have it in my brain that I want to dye more, I mean, how much tie dye can a little girl own? But, maybe it is because the artistic/creative/crafty bones in my body are few and this is an easy, fun thing to do that even if you mess up, doesn't look too messed up. Perfect!

I am thankful for my girl. I know I am thankful for her a lot but, I just am!

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Lee Ann said...

Can we say ADORABLE?! Love. it. Will have to snatch a shot of Ivory & Addie with their purses. =)