Wednesday, August 25, 2010

There once was a girl who had a little curl...

Monday it was the park and the "doats." Tuesday it was the beach. This morning, armed with bubbles, Play-doh and sidewalk chalk it was our porch and yard. Tomorrow, a possible trip to Panama City.

When we head out and about I try to plan to do it in the morning so that we'll be back in time for lunch and then a nap. It's worked out pretty well, especially with my attempts to push back Addie's nap time.

Each day I figured each of these outings/activities would offer at least an hour of occupation and would result in long, restful naps for Addie. I wasn't too far off with the latter, but the hour of occupation left a little to be desired. I think, at most, Addie was distracted for about 45 minutes. Past that, she was done. I blame the heat for some of it and the busy in my girl for the rest of it.

At the park she fed the goats, walked around a bit, had a short ride in the swing and was finished. We topped it off by swinging at home, which lasted a little longer. At the beach she chased birds, watched the waves, dug in the sand, threw sand, ate sand and waved hello to passersby. Then, she was done. Today she scribbled over what I wrote on the ground, dumped bubbles on the porch, doused herself with a bucket full of water, threw rocks into the yard and took a ride in the swing. Then, she was ready to go in for water and to see Daddy.

People have told me that Addie is a busy girl. Of course I know that, but being with her all day, every day, it is just a way of life for us. It isn't until someone else who has been around her or babysat her or until I have days like this week when I'm picking the uttermost parts of my brain to come up with things for us to do that it really sinks in - Addie is busy.

I don't know that I'd want her to be idle. I know her energy is good, her inquisitive mind is healthy and normal, and while she does know how to play by herself I think some days she simply exercises her inner explorer...a lot.

Tonight she fell asleep alongside her purse, doll and standard two pacifiers. No way was I going to take her purse from her. At least, not while she was awake. That's the other thing - I can't seem to do much right these days. If we have a metal utensil, she wants to give up her plastic spoon or fork and take ours. If I break off a piece of cookie/cracker/etc. for her, she wants the bigger piece. In general, if I have something she wants and ask her if she wants it, she inevitably says "no" and then cries and runs away as if I am keeping it from her when, in reality, I'm waiting for her to come get it. "No" is a favorite word of hers and at times we're at a loss when it comes to knowing what she wants/is asking for/is upset about.

Addie is still sweet, no doubt about it, and I get that all of this is run of the mill behavior for an almost 18 month old little girl. I'm not begrudging where we are right now but maybe I am a little surprised at how strong willed she already seems. I'm sure one day I will wish for the days when our battles consisted of keeping snacks in their cup rather than on the floor, refraining from turning the television on and off over and over again and pulling things off shelves that aren't meant for little girls to play with.

For now, I will be thankful for those battles and will enjoy our outings, no matter how short or long they are. Here's to wistfully hoping cooler weather arrives soon!


Zac Smith said...

She did not eat sand... =~D

jamie said...

this sounds all too familiar! there are many days that i declare it opposite day in adali's world. and the business never lets least not by the age of 2.5.

ps...i am convinced that adali and addie have the same exact hair. :)