Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happier Days...

(Addie, exactly one year ago, in a big pool for the first time in Orlando.)

...are ahead.

After a doctor's visit yesterday, a diagnosis of two ear infections, a couple of rounds of meds and a good night's sleep (and currently napping girl) we are on the up and up. I won't lie, the weekend was rough and this mom was at her wit's end. But, something I have learned from those early newborn days is that many things are temporary. It has become a mantra of mine.

Even in the midst of her coughing and sneezing Addie has been asking about the "doats." It has gotten to the point that she heads to the door, brings us our shoes and then back to the door standing on tip toes (well, not tip toes as much anymore!) to reach the doorknob. I relented this morning, figuring it would be good to get her out. She does seem to be feeling better and the worst we might encounter is passing off her sneezes to the goats. It was a short trip as it is still sweltering here, the gnats were buzzing around Addie's face and the local prisoners were performing their clean up duty in the park. I promised her we'd swing when we got home so we packed up and headed back to the house.

So, that's it. That's us so far this week. None too exciting but getting better. I am SO thankful Addie slept through the night last night and that she is starting to feel better. There aren't many things that make a parent feel so helpless as when your kiddos are sick!

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zachariah malachi said...

Lol her obsession with 'doats' might be hinting at God's calling on her life. Perhaps the largest environmental cause in the internatial wildlife community, which so happens to be Christian-based. I can see it now... ;~)