Monday, August 23, 2010

Concert on the beach

I realize that living near the beach has its advantages. I try not to take it for granted but I am sure I do.

Saturday night we piled into the church bus and headed to Panama City Beach to check out Chris Tomlin in concert. Not only was the concert right on the beach but it was free, a nice breeze was blowing and we were able to take in a beautiful sunset all at the same time. Thanks, BP, not for spilling oil into our gulf, but for giving money to PCB to host a weekend of concerts. And thanks, PCB, for choosing to bring in Christian artists. I thought that was pretty cool.

At times, Addie was more interested in what the kids around us were doing. Go figure.

When the concert ended I made a mad dash for Carter's (the concert was right across the street from an outdoor shopping mall) and snagged some deals for Addie. I'm so ready for fall weather and fall clothes!

I am thankful for a good night out with our kids and that the rain stopped long enough for us to enjoy the show.

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