Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Painting & weeds

The title of this post represents two things that make me want to roll over in bed and call it a day. I paint and I pull weeds out of necessity, not because I like to do either. You could argue that the painting is not necessary, but it really is. Things are old, become chipped or are too ugly of a color to keep, so they have to be painted. I just don't really like to do it.

Together, Sabian and I have painted the interior of two houses. Granted, he did most of the painting of the house we're in now, but still, it is a daunting task. I have painted multiple pieces of furniture, including our kitchen table and chairs (twice, once while I was pregnant) a couple of pieces of Addie's furniture and now, a couple of bar stools.

When I painted the two pieces of Addie's furniture, mind you, they'd already been painted for us. We had some pieces made for her room and chose the colors, which was all part of the deal. Once home and settled in, I felt like the colors were a little too, well, babyish. I was hoping for something a little bolder. I only wanted to paint one piece of furniture, but one piece led to two. I vowed then that I didn't want to paint anymore, especially while pregnant, but it wasn't long after that that I tackled the kitchen table and chairs.

Recently, I was looking for two bar stools and I wanted them cheap. I went to every store and website I could think of and came up with zilch. Everything was either too ugly or too expensive. My main objective was to get cheap chairs that weren't ugly and I was willing to **gulp** paint them. I wanted Addie to be able to sit up at the counter with me while we're making cookies and whatever other concoctions we make rather than her standing on a chair within reach of drawers I'd rather her not explore while I'm up to my elbows in dough.

My frustration rose as I thought what would be a simple task grew into an annoying one. I was hoping to walk into a Goodwill and, ta da!, there would be a couple of decent chairs waiting to be spruced up. No such thing.

Then, one day, my friend Libby emailed me. Her message included various topics and mentioned, off hand, a couple of bar stools in a weird blue green color that she saw here in Wewa. 

Everywhere you turn someone is selling something in Wewa. Often there are people with their tables set up right outside the IGA in town, which is where Libby saw them. I drove over the next day to see them and there they were, bright as the sun, bluish greenish and they were IT. They were completely opposite of what I was looking for but I realized they were just right. When I thought I wanted straight, squared chairs, these were rounded. But, they coordinated with our kitchen chairs, were the right height and even better, the right price.

I wasn't able to get them right then and as it was the end of the day I took a risk and waited until the next day. They were there, and Sabian brought them home.
Pacifiers not included.

Of course they had to be painted and I thought I'd figured the easy way out - spray paint. A can and a half into the first chair I realized that wasn't the way to go and I was forced to go the ol' can and brush route. I was pleased with the results, although impatient for them to dry. Finally, we were able to bring them inside.

Quickly, they've developed some battle scars, so today I've retouched them and I'm about to go over them with a clear coat that will hopefully keep them from wearing out too soon. It pains me to have to do it, but I'm hoping it keeps me from having to do it again anytime in the near future.

Next up is the kitchen table and chairs...again. Sigh. In the two years since I last painted them (I know it's been two years because Addie will be two on Saturday and I painted them right before she was born! Nesting.) they've suffered some of their own scars. The problem is, I didn't save the paint swatch, which means I am back to square one. No easy retouching - repainting the whole thing and then going over it all with a clear top coat. Ugh. Anyone need a place to stay, 20 minutes from the beach, in exchange for some help?

Today I am thankful for dinner out tonight!

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