Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I made a little something

I don't sew. My drawings look like a first grader's and my painting prowess does not extend far beyond walls and pieces of furniture. 

However, I do admire those who create handmade items and when I can, I purchase these items. Hence, my etsy addiction.

I go into places like Michael's and Hobby and Lobby and walk the aisles, oohing and ahhing over the projects and things that can be done. Then, I float back down to reality, laughing to myself because I know I probably don't have the patience to do most of those projects. But, I'm trying to be better about it. There are some things that I know are totally out of my league, but I'm trying not to write off everything, especially now that I have Addie. It would be fun to do some projects with her.

While whatever I do may not turn out as pretty or as cool as someone else's, it is still fun to step back and know that it was something I did, no matter how first graderish it looks.

Let's back track a few 2003 I spent 4 and a half months in Croatia living with an American missionary family. They had a red plate (I don't remember exactly what it said) they used for their kids for birthdays, special occasions, etc. I'm sure you've seen similar plates, it seems like they are everywhere. I like the idea and I remember how special it was for those kids when they had a chance to eat off of that plate. As Addie's birthday is rapidly approaching, and as she gets older and is better able to recognize special days, I wanted to try my hand at one.

Away I went to Michael's and Hobby Lobby. I ended up getting what I needed at Michael's, but I always like to try Hobby Lobby first.

I found the paint pens, although the final product is a little more Easter-y than I anticipated. It is hard to tell what the end result will be just by the colors on the pen caps. I found a plain plate at Wal-mart and that was it, that was all I needed.

I practiced on the plate with a dry erase marker, which was a huge help, and it helps that the paint pens aren't permanent as soon as you write on the plate - you have a few seconds to wipe off and start over.

So, here is my first attemptt:

I know, I know, mad crafting skills I have, eh? Since I'm no artist I am limited to dots, circles, squiggly lines and other shapes. Super simple and like I said, a little Easter-y, but I figure as cheap as this was to do, and now that I have some paint pens, I can always do more until I get it just right. Next time I might try a stencil or two but I don't want to do a design that is too big - the pens are "safe" to use on the plates, but you wouldn't want a design on the area where you'd put food.

Also, I wanted it to be a generic "Happy Day" plate so that we could use it on any kind of special day, not just birthdays. At the very least I wanted something for her birthday, which is almost just a week away. Maybe I can hone my design skills before her third birthday...

Today I am thankful for a fun day at the park with Addie. 

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Lee Ann said...

Love it! Great work! Way to be bold. ;-)