Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy day to my happy girl

Today is Adelaide's birthday. We had a great day with her, celebrating two years of learning, growing and lots of love.

She teaches me new things every day. We have good days together and we have challenging days together. Either way, I'm just glad it's together. She's so much fun, so sweet (and stubborn!) and so just...her. And I love her. Very much. More than I'll ever be able to express, but I sure hope she always knows it and feels it.

We had a sweet day celebrating with her. I'll recap it later. For now, we're exhausted after a late night last night playing mafia with teenagers and college students at our house, an unusually early morning (Addie must have known about her presents waiting for her in the living room) and a full day. Not to mention, we'll lose an hour of sleep tonight.

So, I'm off to share a chocolate peanut butter cupcake with my husband and chill out before it's time to call it a day. And a good day it was.

Today, well, today I am thankful for Adelaide.


elise said...

that picture is ADORABLE!
of both of you:O)
Happy Birthday Adelaide!!

Lee Ann said...

Happy birthday, Addie!

Katie said...

Happy Birthday, Addie!!! She is beautiful!! :)

Melissa said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, girls! We had a fun day - stay tuned for that post!